I wish I could stay alone and happy,
In this world of terror and brutality,
Where people know nothing,
Except to kindle a fire in heaven,

When I came to know about this bitter fact,
I contemplated upon the signed pact,
Which humanity had agreed with GOD,
Not to harm any life never and forever,

They are consistent in making mistakes intentionally,
Not knowing that they will have to face him eventually,
They will have to pay for it,
Sooner or later they will be asked for it,

O People of the WORLD! mend your ways,
Devote your life for others in some case,
This life is too short to live,
Better to pass it with good wills.



I am all alone and It’s cold in here. I can’t help but cry and remember all my fears. As I wait to be seen I’m having pains inside of me. I seek the help in the doctors we trust yet know I’ve been waiting three hours plus. Trust that are quick to take our cash but have us waiting on our ass.

That Girl


That girl
How she overflows of beauty
And when I express her fairness
Let it not be mistaken as a compliment
But as a fact

That girl
Whose skin is likened to the setting sun
Will I get to feel such brightness?
That skin I liken to honey
As I drown in thoughts of sweetness melting into my hands
My dear you are the sweetest at heart

For her I will write
Till my heart bleeds
Till it reeks ink
Until I taste those lips
Will I be cured
With that which reeks from my heart
Scribing the last of our chapter
From me
To her

Jessie Perez


I’m mad at the world and upset with you. Why do you do the things you do? I’m down and out can’t you see. Why would you be pushing on me. Not with your hand but with your words and ugly ways. That is enough to make me go insane! You are a key to this safe place of mine but little by little you start to rob me blind. Not for my money but my quality time. With the respect I deserve all of the time. You are the man that I need to succeed without you our life would not be complete.

True friends


In this blow of life,I got some pearls,
some of them were boys,while other were girls.
I collected them according to a trend,
They were called my “true friends”.
They laughed when I Joked and were sad when i was poked.
in vain they shared my tear,i loved them,they were my dear.
a lot of cheating to clear our subjects,abit of cooperation to finish up the projects.
even quarraled over the sandwitches brough,and gossiped when our buddy and his girlfriend were being was getting angry over silly topics from each other,then apologizing and saying-“dont get angry dude,i am your brother”.but now those days are history,my lost smile became a mystery.when i remember them,i have water in my eyes,i love you whereever you are guyzz… “MISSING U A LOT FRIENDS”

It’s Like This


We met at the center
Of a car crash
I thought she was
The embodiment of
Jesus’ long lost daughter
She sewed up her mouth
And played so hard to get
It cracked my skull
But you can’t stop
A running bull
When it sees the red cheeks
Of a blushing girl

We floated on the waste
Of all that came before us
Going down a river out of control
Disguised as a calm stream
And we saw others there
Swimming steadily across the surface
All bloated and blue
I counted my lucky stars
That wasn’t me, yet
You shot them all down
And watched them burn out
Over the main horizon

We balanced on the top
Of a safety pin
But I never felt safe
As you teetered there
Laughing at the idea
That death was so close
You could touch it
And tell your other halves
What you had done

We played back and forth
Until it got something tiresome
Every game must have a winner
And a loser, I guess

Then she killed me
I haven’t been the same since

Behind the Smile


Behind this smile
I’m smiling, but inside I’m dying
Whenever I’m alone, I break down and being crying
I’m happy every once in a while
Behind this smile
I try so hard not let anyone breaks me down
Panic attacks and depression attacks me with no sound
Living in my past and drowning in my struggle
My life feels like it’s about to crumble
Behind this smile
I still tend to smile like nothing is wrong
Nobody knows I’ve been feeling this sickness called depression for this long
To stop me from having suicidal thoughts
I sit back and smile, begin writing and singing my favorite song
Behind this smile
It feels like my lungs and heart is tying up into knots
These past few years this beautiful girl had been though a lot
I’m sick of crying and tired of trying
Tired of this messed up society and your used to be friends lying
Behind this smile
I’m tired of hiding
I’m tired of fighting
I beg
Asking god to take all this pain and illness away
And hopefully I’ll be happy one day
No more depression
No longer show a fake face expression



Silence, do you hear me crying
Exactly, because I cry silently
Bald up in a corner quietly
Looking up asking god why me
Can’t you see?
That I’m trying to be the best person I can be
Again there’s silence
All you can hear is me
Through the darkness I look upon
No shoulder to cry on
No one to vent to
Silence, I had no one to come to
Wishing I someone that understand what I went through
Mind to gone
Trying to get myself together and become strong
A process I been doing all day long
Silence, is that a light I see
Yes I see a light
It was so bright
I hear voices telling me everything is going to be alright
A softly voice saying you’re not alone
In a respectable tone
Staring at the light
There I saw two beautiful young angels reaching down for me
Are you ready to come home they asked me
I stood in silence
This could be my chance to be stress free
Both of the angels also agreed
A stress relief is all I need
No more silence if you come home
With all the good people and beautiful angels roam
No bad people
No sickness
No stress or worries
This would be like a nice long journey
I close my eyes
Walking towards the sky
Thank god no more cries
Even though I didn’t get the chance to say goodbye
Life has a limit
I’ll be back to give my mom a visit
There’s go my spirit
Walking happily with the angels
Stood in front of me was pearly white sky and gold gates
A smile grew on my faces
Heaven is a beautiful place
I shouted yes no more silence for me
My soul has finally been set free

The Magical Guitar


When guitar I play,I use to say.
The reason you gave,My life I have.

I couldn’t talk to you,and that was true.
Still I talk, with the magic I walk.

Yes you are right,That’s the help of a might.
With the heart of divine,you are only mine.

Lets play the song,the song you like.
When you play it wrong,The time I like.

When you play it wrong,I touch your arm.
With the happiness among,that gives me charm.

I am happy with my life,and the reason to smile.
My guitar bought back,that brings back smile.

The One


I need the one
Made of synthetic wires
To share kindred cells
So that perfect equilibrium
Can be achieved in
Flattened and folded time
But it’s all going south
The time is stretching and breaking
Flying across the board
I’m still a one-sided coin
Nonexistent on the other face
Every cell is a fading fast
Trickle of matter
The wires were cut
With rusty scissor fingers
You’re not the one

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