The Power of the Words ‘I AM’

The Power of the Words ‘I AM’

The most powerful words in the universe,
‘I AM’ meaning God, the indwelling Christ,
Creates freedom within when understood,
Whilst changing your world profoundly.

When expressing the words ‘I AM’
You speak about who you are.
‘I AM’ is your centre – your higher self,
Showing your perfect true identity.

‘I AM’ makes you master of your destiny,
And what you desire to become,
Depending on what you attach to ‘I AM’,
Gives it power to free or to limit you.

By understanding and saying the words ‘I AM’,
Qualities that lie dormant within you,
Resurrect and transpires wonders in your life,
Whilst knowing ‘I AM’ one with God.

Barbara Johnston MA

Written/Submitted by Barbara Johnston.

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