Beauty Poems

Beauty Of My Love/Lover


Her face makes all lovers hearts light,
Her eyes make the world bright,

Her lips make me drunk,
Her cheeks make me break drunk,

Her neck fragrant makes me sink

Written/Submitted by Hilal Bezanjo from Balochistan in Pakistan.

Beautify Yourself And Others


What makes a person more Beautiful & Attractive
is a genuine smile.
A bright shining soul that can travel unlimited miles.
One who spreads Positivity & Love when they can,
and gives… Without a palms up hand.
Generosity,Understanding,Kindness,a sense of humor.
Someone that does Not spread hurtful rumors.
Someone who is confident,self loving, but does not brag about.
Someone who is Not racist,& knows we are all equal,
Gods people without a doubt!
Always seek in life to Beautify Yourself & Others too…
So they may pay it forward &
be inspired by what they saw you do.
What beautiful people we’ll have to look toward too!
Endless Blessings & good karma will be bestowed on you.
Infect & scatter joy & positivity…
Not pain, hate and negativity!

Written/Submitted by Stephanie RoseVelvet Johnson.

Love Yourself Inside And Out


I believe All women can be beautiful…
No matter if your all done up
Or what your daily ritual.
No matter what body one has
I believe Women are sensual & sexy!
Always Love Yourself and how you look,
Never compare yourself to that perfect image portrayed in a mag or book.
Each of us are beautiful & unique in every way,
Take care & maintain yourself every day Inside & Out ,
Show confidence,love,giving,& kindness,
& your beauty will shine without a doubt!
Even as our bodies change- as all Women do,
Be confident,feel sexy & Embrace your body… embrace you!
How you feel about yourself is what others will see …
So see yourself as the Beautiful,Sexy women you can be,it’s true.
Feel it,Know it, Believe it,show it!
When you have the self confidence to believe it…
Everyone else will see it!

Written/Submitted by Stephanie RoseVelvet Johnson.

My Masterpiece


He sat there staring at her pretty face,
where each line speaks it’s own stories.
a tear was dropped here of some sorrows,
i smile was made upon her lips of happiness,
she is made of light, joy, care and kindness,
a tinny size, with her soft skin and bones,
full of passion spreading with her glittering eyes,
with her hair falling down as beams of sun around her shoulders,
she is one of her kind, oh she’s mine, my masterpiece.

Written/Submitted by Mustafa Tamboulat.

Christian In You


Humble like a Sunday afternoon,
Smiling as the hours bloom;
Sweetie, you are lovely indeed,
A creation of woman, God made complete.

Righteous once you have awaken,
Testimony with trouble you’ve undertaken…

To witness you pray yourself asleep
Is a blessing beyond any other feat…

The Christian in you
That makes you so sexy,
Every time I am with you
I praise God for he’s blessed me.

The Christian in you.

Written/Submitted by Lamar Ingraham, Sr..

Green Eyes


Reddish cheeks as spring blooming rose,
Fair light skin as puffy white clouds,
Comforting words spoken by the lips,
Joyful Green forest sight in the eyes.

Written/Submitted by Mustafa Tamboulat.



They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder
And to each eye there is something they hold dear
You don’t love a woman because she is beautiful
But she is beautiful because you love her
It is better to be beautiful than to be good
But it is better to be good than ugly
Though we travel the world to find the beautiful
We must carry it with us or find it not
Everybody need beauty as well as bread
Places to play in and pray in
Where nature may heal and give
Strength to body and soul
And the truth about beauty
Beauty always promises
But never gives anything
Our hearts are drunk
With a beauty our eyes will never see
A thing of beauty is a joy forever
Its loveliness will increase
It will never pass into nothingness
Beauty is an ecstasy, it is simple as hunger
There is really nothing to be said about it
It is like the perfume of a rose
You can smell and hope to embrace it

Written/Submitted by Ricky Sanchez .

Her Eyes


Eyes so green.
Like ones in a sweet dream.
Eyes so round.
Shining like moonbeams.

Eyes so pretty.
Loveliest in the city.
Eyes so bright.
Like stars shining in the night.

Eyes so soft.
Like those of a spotted doe.
Eyes so tender.
Brings to the heart sweet surrender.

This poem was written/submitted by Lamar Cole.