Family Poems

I Have Much Less To Be Thankful For


This Thanksgiving I have much less to be thankful for.
Much less than I did just one year before.
When I lost Mom, I lost my mother and my best friend.
I had no idea how sick she was or that her life would end.
Four months later I lost my dad as well.
This Thanksgiving I’m living in Hell.
But I am thankful to still have my brother.
We have no parents, we only have each other.
Since March the 6th, I’ve had very little happiness.
Last year I had much to be thankful for but now I have much less.

Written/Submitted by Randy Johnson.

Christmas Eve


It’s time to celebrate because it’s Christmas Eve.
But Christmas isn’t about the gifts that we receive.
It’s about the love that we carry in our hearts.
The love that we have for each other is like a priceless work of art.
Even if you don’t get good gifts, the love you share with your loved ones is the greatest gift of all.
Let them know how much they mean to you and this Christmas you’ll have a ball.

Written/Submitted by Randy Johnson.



Something wonderful happened to my Stepnephew and his girlfriend.
They had a baby girl and they named her Madeline.
It’s truly wonderful when a baby is brought into the world.
Will and his girlfriend are very happy and they treasure their girl.

I hope that I’m there when Madeline begins to walk.
I hope she calls me Uncle Randy when she learns how to talk.
She’s a special baby and all who see her will be impressed.
It’s a fact of life that Will and his girlfriend are truly blessed.

(Dedicated to Madeline Robinson who was born on October 17, 2013.)

Written/Submitted by Randy Johnson.

Happy Birthday, Mom


If you hadn’t died in March, you would’ve turned 65 today.
Life hasn’t been as good since you passed away.
Everybody who knew you, knew that you were nice.
But I took things for granted and now I’m paying the price.
I thought you’d live for another ten to fifteen years.
It’s been tough to accept that you’re no longer here.
If you had survived, I was going to take care of you.
I didn’t know what I had until I lost it and that is true.
When you celebrated your birthday last year, you were alive and well.
I didn’t know how sick you would become, I was unable to tell.
Seeing you suffer during your last days, made my heart break.
Even though you’re dead, I still bought you a birthday cake.
I promised that I’d buy you a cake this year and I’m a man of my word.
God is much happier now because you’re with him, believe me that’s assured.

[Dedicated to Agnes M. Johnson (1948-2013) who passed away March 6, 2013.]

Written/Submitted by Randy Johnson.

Debbie and Eddie


Let me tell you about my cousin Debbie.
She helps me and so does her husband Eddie.
They’re very nice people and I like them a lot.
Debbie is certainly the best cousin that I’ve got.
Debbie and Eddie are caring people and Debbie is sweet.
Eddie patched my roof for free and now it doesn’t leak.
They took me to see my mom in the hospital before she passed.
When they take me places, they don’t even ask me to reimburse them for gas.
Debbie truly loves Eddie and he loves her too.
I’m lucky to have them in my life and that is true.

(Dedicated to Eddie and Debbie Cupp.)

Written/Submitted by Randy Johnson.

I Love You


You are more than a mother,
You are more than just another,

You are my best friend.
From day one,you’ve been by my side,

And you’ve always told me to never hide.
You said you’d always be there,

and you’d always care.
You told me you’d love me forever,

And not a day goes by where I don’t hear those 3 little words,
I Love You.

And I want you to know that this much is true,
Even though I’m not a little kid anymore

I love you.

Written/Submitted by Trisha Cain.

My Mother And I


My mother and I
Have fun together

My mother and I
Help each other

My mother and I
Go places together

My mother and I
Love each other

Written/Submitted by Briahna Chan.



A family gives you unconditional love,
Strength and guidance they got form above
They listen when you need and ear
And one thing is they always care
When you need a hand
They’ll lend you theirs
If you’re crying they’ll wipe you tears
If you need comfort, you know where to go
Their love is never hidden it is always shown
They always boast about you to anyone they meet
Family, friends and even strangers on the street
A family is a precious and kind
A family is truly divine
A family is God’s gift to everyone
They are what make your house your home
To be appreciated you don’t have to go far
Because your family loves you for who you are

Written/Submitted by LaTisha Parkinson.

To Me What Family Is


Family to me has many meanings
For all are full of diverse feelings
Love and anger, both within a single one
Children who stay and children who run
Can one family be better than another?
It all depends on how they love each other
A family’s love should last forever
Bonds of love nothing can sever
For the family I have, I am happy and blessed
And nothing more truthful have I ever confessed
Family has many meanings, but one rises above
The greatest meaning of family, is that of love

Written/Submitted by Glaedr the poet.

My Family


My family will forever be in my heart,
My sister’s mean more to me,
More than life,
All I ever wanted was a complete family,
To have a mother whom I never met,
My family will always remain who they are in my heart and soul,
My family is more important than my friends and my lover,
Family will always come first,
Family is family,
No matter what they did they’ll always remain family.

Written/Submitted by Jennifer Rondeau.

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