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I wait before the church bells ring.
My hair flying in every direction, as I sit on the cold rusty, worn pout green colored pole.
I can hear the birds singing, and I can hear the faint ringing of the bells inside.
I slowly trudge inside the old church building, my black shoes slowly slap against the old wood.
My numbs hand reach for the metal handles, and with all my effort, step into the church.
The smell of incense hits me like a wave.
I embrace it.
I sit on the rusty colored pews
My focus fixed on the icons of Jesus.
I am able to hear the deacon saying praises and the choir singing like chorus of Angels singing to the most glorious on high.
But that’s just a blur.
I am focused on the emptiness of the church.
It’s cold, plain, simple, colorless, airless without you.
Not a smile to be seen on the faces of the parishioners in the church.
The airless church sucks all the happiness in the church, which you carry with you.
The heavy squeaky doors, creek as you pull the doors open.
The light is focused on you, the intense color soon, seems to arrive like watercolor.
Your smile can light up the entire darkness of the night. My heart races, as I run to you, I open my arms and embrace your hug.
I smile at your presence, and I can tell by the happiness around you, I’m not the only one with the smile on my face.
I love you. And there’s nothing you can about it.
I’ve been blessed by God, to have you by my side.
To have you help me, put me on my feet.
Your a beautiful, amazing, gracious, awesome, loving Godmother.

Written/Submitted by Angelina Malkasian.

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  1. Sarah Finn

    This is such a beautiful and inspiring poem! Thank You so much! It was such a moving poem. Thank you

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