Memory Poems

Goodbye Robin Williams


You suffered from depression and Bipolar Disease.
Your suicide has driven the entire world to its knees.
You were so talented that talent isn’t a big enough word.
I wish you hadn’t died, that’s what I would’ve preferred.
To become the terrific actor that you were, charm and talent were what it took.
Everybody loved your movies, especially Good Morning Vietnam and Hook.
You began your career as Mork and then you became Popeye.
Billions of people are saddened and devastated to see you die.
I have something to say that is one hundred percent true.
You were a brilliant actor and everybody on Earth loves you.

Written/Submitted by Randy Johnson.

Categorized Him


I saw him in a dream–
sleeping on an open piece of land.
cold winter breeze hit his body hard,
he caughed and caughed,
no man could hear him does,
He finally gave his last breath up–
To angels of God to take care of.
The police came a day later,
Categorized him as;
to have died of natural causes.

Written/Submitted by daniel bogogolela.

May 28, 1990


Something bad happened in 1990 on the 28th of May.
It turned out not to be such a great Memorial Day.
I saw a beautiful girl who looked like she was sixteen or seventeen.
She was one of the most beautiful girls I had ever seen.
I wrote her a note and put it in her storm door.
She was younger than I thought and her parents were pretty sore.
She was only fourteen, that was four years younger than me.
They told me to leave her alone and I agreed.
But I really liked her and it was painful not to be able to date her.
I wonder who she’s with all these years later.

(This is a true story.)

Written/Submitted by Randy Johnson.

Miss You Grandpa


I sit everyday staring at moon
whose stories you told me in the night
the still pictures a work of art
I thought your tears at my soul
after loosing you my family will never be whole
O grandpa i miss you alot
with your memories frozen in mind i have to live this beautiful life

Written/Submitted by Manila mehta.

I Call It Freedom


The right to vote for change,
And to improve a great nation,
By electing someone not too strange
With this may take a bit of patience.

Ooh, it feels so good…

To work for such an honest living,
Providing for your children and self;
As you punch hours well given
Making brighter tomorrow by all else.

It’s home again…

Good feelings I feel inside
Are real even through we don’t see them
This comfort of pride
And I call it freedom…

Written/Submitted by Lamar Ingraham, Sr..

Hope is Luck


Hope is luck
Which is always up,
Which can never dunk
And always bumped.
Hope is the future which can be done
Which can be bunked
For the next one.
Hope is a box
Like a memory box
With a lucky chance
For the future chance.

Written/Submitted by Anita seth.

Abandoned With Lies


Mommy you left me and not a word saying good bye.. you’ll say you love us but
you’ll know its all lies. Quit lying this ain’t time for lies cause you’ll see that it ain’t worth my time.
you left us once more don’t say once cause you did it to hurt us and leaving us was just your way of saying you aren’t mine.

Written/Submitted by Vanessa Jaramillo.

Passing Of Time


Hands of time move us forward,
never back.
Only memories frozen in mind,
can we reenact.

Written/Submitted by Robert M. Hensel.

Time Can’t Revoke


Buried deep beneath an old oak tree,
lies a box thats been filled, with
childhood memories.
Three quarters,one ball, and a letter that
I wrote, holds the key to my mementos,
that time can’t revoke.

Written/Submitted by Robert M. Hensel.



I paint a picture,
I paint it in my head,
Something happened to me,
That I thought I’d forget.

Friends come and go
But my dignity still remains
But no matter how hard I try
It’ll never be the same

I try to forget
My unforgettable past
I never knew you hating me
Could happen so fast

My best friend was the girl I painted in my head
Now I guess our friendship is as good as dead.

This poem was written/submitted by Emma Djuric.