Love Poems

For me you are


For me you are my love,
For me you are my soul,

For me you are my heart,
For me you are my hope,

For me you are my eyes,
For me you are truth,

For me you are my breath,
For me you are my days and nights,

For me you are my knowledge,
For me you are my experience,

For me you are my prayers,
For me you are my worships,

For me you are my paradise,
For me you are my life,

For me baby you,
For you baby me.

Written/Submitted by Hilal Bezanjo from Balochistan in Pakistan.



Either it can make wonders ,
Or it can brake into blunders !

Either it can give something you never thought ,
Or it may snatch something vry special you have got !

Either it takes you to higher skies ,
Or leads you to a death heading lies !

Either it’s beyond perfection ,
Orjust abnegation !!!

Written/Submitted by Preeti Jaswal.

All That Matters Is You


Through the great times and the absolute worst,
I will always put your needs first.
Sometimes we don’t have enough food for two.
I go hungry because I give the food to you.
I will bust my ass to make all of your dreams come true.
Because when push comes to shove, all that matters is you.
I will always put your needs first or I’ll die trying.
You’re more important than anything on Earth and I’m not lying.
When it comes to making you happy, I do everything that I can.
When I hold you in my arms at night, I know that I’m a lucky man.

Written/Submitted by Randy Johnson.

Sine Ti Amo


Flowers in her hair,
oh I put them there.
And altogether fair,
for me she doesn’t care.

We’re just friends, I suppose,
and I commend what you chose.
No games, no shows,
I was not one of those.

Why wait for the part,
when fate won’t impart,
if I may yet start,
to awaken your heart?

Written/Submitted by Sine Habitus.

You Still Live In My Heart


Five years ago you were taken away when a drunk driver tore us apart.
We are separated physically but you’re still with me in my heart.
At first I suffered tremendously and I didn’t even want to go on.
But I soon discovered that you’re with me spiritually and that means you’re not gone.

Not even death could end the love that I have for you.
You still live in my heart and that is certainly true.
For the rest of my days, you will continue to live in my heart.
When we have the love that we have, nothing can split us apart.

Written/Submitted by Randy Johnson.

Sun Shining


Those eyes that you have, they take away fear.
Helps me feel warm, when hope is not near.
Warm as a feeling, that brings me such grace.
Like the sun that is shinning, in the coldest of place.
So when you are down and feeling so low,
Remember these words and you’ll always know,
Time heals all things, and I’m always here.
To be the sun shining, if there’s any tears.

Written/Submitted by Keaton Washington.

Without you


The days are long, the nights are cold.
Thoughts race through my mind, restless and bold.
Thoughts of you and when I will see,
Those beautiful eyes that make me so free,
Cause without you I’m captured, I am enslaved.
Captured by thoughts, but with you I’m saved.
So these problems we have when life takes its toll,
Makes us feel small and out of control,
Remember I’m here, and won’t say goodbye,
Loving you more than all the stars in the sky.

Written/Submitted by Keaton Washington.



I could jump with joy because inside I feel warm.
I am overjoyed but hiding from my feelings to remain calm.
I cannot believe love can be this strange.
I could write all my emotions on this blank check.
It’s a priceless work of art being adored still in its sketch.
No exact definition but everyone feels it running in his blood.
To me it’s even hard to decide.
How best can i say it or show it.
I think it’s a word less in our action and extinct in habit.
Love to me is a flower which blossom in every weather.
Since the day it got me I feel light like a feather.
It’s a four letter word which means a million dozen ways.
To me it’s a road which everyone passes through their mortal days.

It’s a feeling which makes the mute stammer.
The blind to paint the world in a rainbow colour.
Love a game of the heart whilst the mind applauds.
I suffer to express it in my emotions as life unfolds.
My tenderness innate arouses.
Like a bunch of roses.
With its petals intact yet its leaves fall.
My love is the answer to your call.
It is not measured in the stylish clothes I can buy,
for you at the mall.
But it’s a satisfaction that can sustain us tomorrow.
It will be able to erase your sorrow.
Come with your broken heart my love will mend it.
I will give you a prescription you will not resist.
It’s a habit you would not quit.

Written/Submitted by Tendekai Mugonda.

Alone In Love


You were my best friend ,
we have so much fun with everything we do .
until the night we were all alone i never realized how much in love i was with you
as i sit here all alone, i cannot lie
i will never say goodbye i will keep
this love in my heart
until the day i die.

Written/Submitted by Robert j. George.

It Is You


It is you,
who make me feel special.
It is you,
who gave me happiness.
It is you,
who becomes my companion.
It is you,
who sitss by my side in my loneliness
and whom i love the most,

Written/Submitted by Amit Singh.

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