Love Poems

The One


I have been wandering for some time now…
Aimlessly searching for a purpose in this life…
I had almost given up hope of ever finding it..
Until I meet you..
Now I know my place..
I’m supposed to love and be loved by you..
The one significant other..
God set us aside for one another..
The one person I see as perfect…
And the one person I hope feels the same way..
Though I have many flaws I will do my best…
To love and cherish you Forever…

Written/Submitted by livingnate.

Dream Of The Dawn


As I woke up today by your side,
My feelings for you I can not hide,
I touched your face in the morning light,
Being with you just feels so right

You make me feel like I’m a queen,
Like being inside an awesome dream,
Although this is real, that I know,
As the love that surrounds us continues to grow

I think of what the future holds…
Hand in hand both growing old,
And as I lay, with you dear,
I’m just so glad you’re mine, you’re here.

Written/Submitted by paromita.

I Love You


The feeling i have
I can’t explain…
Whenever you call
I fall for you again…
& when i forget you
You call again…
Words can’t express what i feel for you…
& i can’t explain why sky is blue…
All i know is my heart is true…
when it says i’m lucky to have you…
coz i know i love you…

Written/Submitted by sweekriti smith.

Love itself is perfect


Love itself is perfect
There were no right or wrong.
Love is so kind
And sometimes it is blind.

Love is a full of mysteries
A symphony, a melody so sweet.
Love is precious than gold
Too much for us o hold.

Love is giving
Sharing and forgiving.
Love is a temporary madness
It erupts like an earthquake and then subsides.

Love distills desire upon the eyes,
Love brings bewitching grace into the heart.
Love is the enchanted dawn of every heart.
Love is good, for good is GOD, so GOD is LOVE…

Written/Submitted by Juneah Landicho.

Its bubbling water seemed me to say


Once you were in the bubble bath
I liked to stir you up more.
Half the suds went in your eyes
And half went on the floor.

The beauty laid in your soapy body
I wished to giggle them on my skin,
And when it sticked on your face with noddy
They dangled from your chin.

When you splashed them hard from your breast
They popped and disappeared,
I wished you to wrap me you around your chest
You made me greedy to be appeared

The coldness went away,
With one flash of your smile.
Its bubbling water seemed me to say,
“Will you hug your hubby for a while?”

Written/Submitted by paromita.m07.

Keep the Love Alive


I wake up each morning
And I keep on wondering
What should I do to have you here with me?
To let you know you complete me honey.

I walk through the aisle with you my love
And promise that you’ll be forever loved
A love that we will always cherish
And my trust for you won’t ever perish.

I will do everything for you with all my heart
And even do anything so we will never part
Your love for me is what I always live for
So I’ll do whatever it takes just to keep the love alive…

Written/Submitted by Juneah Landicho.

I Thank Thee


It’s the 13th day of May when you were born in to this world
It is such a wonderful day of your life since then.
It is the day that I thank your mother
For she gave birth to a wonderful man.

A man that is so special in every way
A man that I will love in any way
A man that I thank for loving me
And being my hubby for he marries me.
But most especially I thank thee for HE gave you to me…

Written/Submitted by Juneah Landicho.




Written/Submitted by JASODA.

My love for you will never die


She sits alone in her room
And never comes out.
No one knows what her
Tears are about.
She cries because she wishes
She could be your all.
Without you she may fall.
Will she fall in or out of love?
She could be everything you want her to be.
But you want everything but me
Why can’t you see?
I could be everything you need.
I could be the one, the only.
But if you only really knew me,
And all the things I could be.
My tears will dry, our time will fly,
But my love for you will never die.

Written/Submitted by heather hicks.

My Heart


My heart skips a beat;
everytime u touch my lips,
with your finger tips..

You have dis power over me
that makes me wanna loose myself..

Each moments we kiss;
My heart is pounding on my chest..
just as if like to burst in to oblivion..

U have no idea how much you are making me want u more..
and how much I`d live for ur love..

Written/Submitted by Genie.

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