Winter Season

tdomf_46f9a   April 30, 2015   No Comments on Winter Season

I am Winter full of woe,
I am the season that is oh-so-slow!
White! White everywhere!
The only type of weather I have is fair
Snow on top of mountains,
Frozen water in the fountains.
Snow and Ice help me on my quest,
To try and make me the very best.
Spring and Summer are my worst foes,
I hate them so bad I melt my own snow!
Autumn is okay, He is my best friend,
Our friendship won’t ever have an end.
Frost is the twin brother of Ice,
He has a temper as hot as spice!
Well, I am sorry I have to go,
The sun is starting to melt my snow!

Written/Submitted by Ame B.

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