Open Your Eyes,Ears And Hearts

Pray for everyone suffering in this world!
When you watch the news it’s overwhelmed with heartaches.
Cruelty, famine, devastation, death, wars, tragedy, earthquakes.
Happening to the rich, middle class & poor,
Happening across the globe,from shore to shore.
There are those who think money,race or politics
Is worth more than human lives,and they could care less,
As long as “they” survive,strive,& are not deprived.
Those who have prejudice or selfishness that we should only help our “own” and absolutely no compassion is shown.
It hurts my heart,they could think this way!I beg of you, PRAY… for you who think unempathetically…
In The NAME OF GOD! -To change!! To pray for all mankind, all of humanity
To OPEN your eyes,ears & hearts to whats right & just,Stop the insanity!
Show Love,Peace,
Kindness, Unselfishness, Empathy.
We are all one people, one nation under God- Regardless of sex, race, Religion, location, income, political affiliation or the status of wars.
There are NO boundaries in Gods eyes, Don’t let there be in yours!

Written/Submitted by Stephanie RoseVelvet Johnson.

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