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Sometimes you have to let go of the past and shame and move forward.
Darkness is overbearing, it taunts you and consumes your inner beauty.
Your world has collapsed.
You beg for help.
There’s no reply.
Do you relentlessly allow this behavior to devour your very soul or do you face the existence of life and set forward to a destination titled, “Future.”
I once believed it was fairly easy to feel emotionless and go about my day masked.

Today, my eyes awaken.
I take the rails of this ship and set my eyes upon the horizon.
I dream, how I missed this feeling.
I begin laughing uncontrollably, forgetting how the sound makes me feel.
Standing with my arms wide open, I allow the breeze to push against my body.
I feel. Oh, how I feel. This feeling, it’s contagious I tell you.
I look up at the sky, I swear it seems as if the clouds make out a butterfly.
I gasp, with my hand over my mouth and cry.
Cries of pure happiness. Butterflies have always symbolized beauty and being free.
My shoulders feel weightless.
“I’m ready.”

Written/Submitted by Mari.

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